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Female | Age: 4 years | Dogs: Great! Kids: Great!

Stormy is a 4 year old, spayed female. She is a very gentle pup, and is great with other dogs and awesome with kids! Slow introductions to new environments are best with her as she’s still confused about the recent changes in her life. 

Stormy knows “sit” and walks fairly well on a leash, the first part of any walk being when she pulls the most. But eventually she settles into a good rhythm. She is ok to be left in a fenced yard for some amount of time, but having another dog with her would be best. 

She’s not destructive inside the home and has only been caught digging a little bit outside, mostly as prep to rolling in the grass. She listens to corrections and seems eager to please.

She won’t go in a crate but she sleeps absolutely fine on a dog bed and stays there (or nearby) for the duration of the night.

Like any husky, she needs to be on a leash anytime she’s in an open environment. Stormy is getting more comfortable using her voice and has begun howling more, primarily when she is impatient.

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